About the Film: When we recieved an email Jan 5, 2007 challenging us to create a 15 second animation to get free entrance to Animadness competition... we said, "sure why the hell not?" Here is our diary of our progress...  
Jan 5 We have found that our subject is "Shark Attack"  
Jan 7 Brainstorming on ideas  

Idea A) "Loan" Shark

Idea B) small shark big catch (we picked this one)

Jan 15 Story Board  
Jan 16 Flash Animatic animatic_v1
Jan 20 Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, Layout  
Jan 21 Animation, FX, Rendering  
Jan 22 Compositing & Submitting 15 seconds ? 15_sec_piece
  SUCCESS we got in to the competition for FREE !