Screenshots that I took while working at Tweak Films:

Most of my work in tweak was either creating actual effects, rotoscoping, helping the rest

of the crew or scripting something or other in either Python, TK GUI , Bash scripts, Maya Mel or Shake Scripts.

I also built computers, setup Linux, maintained watch over the render farm and worked togheter with every part

of the team.

Here is one of the scenes we worked on for Spiderman 3

Here you can see an example scene from Lions for Lambs


I created a MEL script that creates visual FOV's, each color represents an area of particles that would get rendered seperately from each other. (foreground, mid Ground, Background )

This helped, me and other VFX artist to figure out what was rendering where and how much.


Kept track of all our shots using a hybrid python / HTML - mySQL database. User could mark shots, comment, etc.


Setup MRTG to monitor the Diskspace for all the network drives in the studio. We Used a lot of GB's.


Shake script that automatically opens the current selected video node using the in house player "RV"


MEL script for Maya, would load Several Hi poly Models into a scene in a sequence, assigning a shader to them. Great for previewing, super high poly water simulations. (which we used in Spiderman 3)

A Python based license Database, you could search for records in several manners, create new ones, delete records...

A Bash Script to move shots from the network to your local hard drive and back


MEL Render GUI window from maya that would sender render jobs to Condor

Heres a simple Python script that woud help the studio maintain computers in use out of the render queue,

but if they were not in use, they would be put back into the render queu.


Another Bash script which would submit Shake scripts to render using Condor, condor in turn would use Entropy ( a Renderman based renderer) to render the shot


Made a Bash script to facilitate deletion of shots in the hard drive

We stored a lot of shot info in a MySQL database:

Here is an example Python TK GUI getting info from that database:


Bash Script to edit the notes of a shot in the database.