Heres a slew of mel scripst I've made... I'll add links sometime... if you're interested in any of these email me for more info: invadererik

Basic (16)

Interesting (16)

Complex (13)

auto_tubes: Makes tubes from curves

Backface_cull_toggle: toggle backfacing poly's

Curve_Colorizer: change color of curves fast

custom_paintable_attributes: paint custom attributes

element_picker: expands selection automatically

influence_add2PSD: fix for micheal comets psd's

keys_2_locators: puts locators in position of keys

make_cam_win_float: makes a floating cam window

Matrix_cut_n_paste: cut and paste the matrix of select onto another object

multichain_ik : make multichain available and apply it

nurbs_pre_render_tasselattor: Tasselate multiple Nurbs surfaces for render

Random_Rotator: Rotate stuff randomly by random range

Reminder_window: JPG or BMP pops up when maya starts

Remove_user_attributes: take out custom attributes from scene or object

Renamer: fast renaming

template_selection: template all selected/ untemplate all selected

Alexis_nurbs_attach_detach : Match Nurb surfaces to each other with 1 click

attach_curve_info_node2curve: Curve info nodes, give Adv. curve information

Chain_n_Parent_Lights: Stick lights to curves

convex_hulls: make convex hulls from poly objects (requires qhull)

Env_light_cluster: makes 10 enviorment lights in a easily usable cluster

Fix_Blend_Shapes_transform: if u freeze transforms on your blends by mistake

Joints_2Posebutton: makes a shelf button out of your poses

live_button: make some code happen when you click this locator

Locator_Lock: Lock a locator onto any type of cv, point, or vertex

Multi_Camera_scrubber: Makes cutting between cameras a snap!

multi_obj_export: export & import multiple objs, and retain names.

Redundant_geometric_manips: test bed, for learning matrices

select_poly_types: select quads, or tris, or bigger, or borders etc.

shared_node: Share attributes between many objects

turn2_light_cluster: grab any lights that youve made and turn them into 1 easy to manage cluster

unreal_ED_transfer : Trasfer from Maya to unrealEd multiple objects which will be placed automatically in unrealEd

animation_transfer: Transfer Animation from any rig to any other rig

Auto_IK_FK_switch: Makes ik/fk switching limbs automatically

Auto_Rig: Makes a full fledged rig automatically

Hair_experiment: makes curves from nurbs to render in renderman

kill_extra_keys: Slim down your animations by removing redundant keys safely

TSL_Maya2Torque: Made for TSL the game, exports from maya to torque

mirror_rig: Mirrors a rig moving all joints and controllers

Motion_capture_convert: Convert motion capture from amc bvh mov, to usable keys/skeleton in maya

Path_helper_window: helps make complex paths for walking nodes in games

poly_complex_light: complex light cluster with special properties (color range selection and group lookaway)

Poly_Super_Splitter: Like MJ Poly Tools but pointless in Maya 7

Pose_maker_n_mixer: Create complex bone facial rigs, that have the ability to blend like blendshapes between joint poses

weird_stretchy_chains: Makes funky stretchy chains that could be used for telescoping parts