Chronoligical work done for SRI:


Maya Python Particle 2 XML exporter , It was created to export particle data, but really it can be configured to export any data from Maya to XML files :


From there I was assigned to do a animatic of what an intro to the Kaos War gameplay demo could look like :

and then an animation for the end (outro) :


Then it was work into the Demo itself, we used Crytek Cryengine 2 , also worked on a DMM simulation seen at the end:

I also made more than 10+ different versions of the video above with all sorts of different tag along videos including a Tone / Inspiration video

After that I updated , and created

Then I evaluated a whole bunch of 3D engines... Hero, Trinigy, Big World, Gamebryo

Through out all this time I worked on many design documents, Setup Subversion and lead the team in all technical tasks.

At some point we sidetracked and designed some flash games, I even worked on one of the designs for 10 days: Gold Planet

Going back to the demo, I added some preliminary networking to it, and made many adjustments along the way.

towards the end I worked on a python / flash / html version controlled wiki of sorts:


Overall I did a whole bunch of varied tasks including but not limited to :

Put Computers togheter Hardware wise, Setup OS & Software

Setup networks, Servers & version control

Write scripts in Python, MEL, LUA & AS3

Rig Characters in Maya, 3ds Max

Export Characters to several game engines including ( Trinigy, BigWorld, Hero, Cryengine2, Gamebryo )

Program in C++ to add features to Cryengine2 including some networking.

A bunch of Website development

Create Animations, Simulations and Promotional Videos

Write up a bunch of Design Documents

Create Schedules and Manage staff